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Now on air:

Radio Sopocki Humans

Radio Sopocki Humans

kee_vay & F.A.T.E.

Katarzyna Podpora i Maks Kohyt, present _self noise_ on friday evenings CET

Krzysztof SADO Sadowski

each Wednesday at 21:00 presents Diamonds In The Gutter

Piotr Zubowicz

brings his monthly show Ambientologics

Rafał Świerczyński

enriches our everyday playlist with jazz, rock, blues, and classical music

Wojtek Treder

born and listening

Radio Sopocki is a free and independent radio station broadcasting since 2006.

We're legal - paying the Artists through ZAiKS.


Our principles:

#1 we don't cut the tracks

#2 we're not limited to some genres

#3 we play new, newest and really old music


Here's a piece of our Radio Sopocki Artificial Intelligence:



The end or a new beginning.

Oh, and you might have a listen.