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This simple shoutcast radio flash player lets you check what's on the radio right now. To have a reliable stream please use Winamp or Windows Media Player. Also find us on TuneIn with your iPhones and iPads.
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Chat Box

  • Human 28-01-201512
    To connect please choose one of the "play" buttons in the middle of our page. If necessary click OK.
  • sopocki 09-12-201411
    We need more internet. Our servers go down. Please do not listen too much :) Or send us some more internet plz
  • sopocki 21-11-201410
    Steven Price - Gravity . Please report who's the voice. Send in to
  • ant 20-11-20149
    great tunes today! as always anyway :)
  • sopocki 18-11-20148
    Amy Winehouse - Love Is A Losing Game (live)
  • wojtek 18-11-20147
    We need more energy. Strom.
  • sopocki radionadajnik 31-10-20146
    Serafina Steer
  • sopocki 27-10-20145
    soldering iron is the item we use on radio sopocki
  • Yura 22-10-20144
    Hey, wonderfull radio! I really like that you put different ganeres
  • muchaman 17-10-20143
  • sopocki 13-10-20142
    We're sorry for recent technical problems - sopocki server updated!. We are moving on!
  • sopocki 13-10-20141
    Express yourself! Request a song! Say it!
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