Diana Krall's latest studio album took me back in time, to 1997, when her fourth recording - Love Scenes - came out. Love standards and Christian McBride's bass opening set the connection.

First seconds with the album made me think - hey, I've heard this one before. It's a pleasant and warm feeling, though. Like Someone In Love with it's low-key piano, bass and guitar opens the album just like All Or Nothing At All did twenty years ago. And it directs us towards romantic whispers and love confessions that are the main theme here as well.

After such a delicate beginning there come more instrumentally complex compositions featuring musicians whohave been working with Diana Krall for the last 25 years - orchestral ensemble parts and guest appearances including Marc Ribot's guitar and Stuart Duncan's fiddle. These wide arrangements arouse excitement about the concert tour which has just started in the
US. It comes to Europe this fall and ends in Canada at the end of the year.

Turn Up The Quiet was co-produced by Tommy LiPuma with whom Diana created eleven albums and got her five Grammy Awards. It happend to be the last cooperation between LiPuma and Krall, as the producer passed away on March 13 this year.

The record consists of eleven tracks. The longest - Sway - with John Clayton's bass, Anthony Wilson's guitar and ensemble parts, lasts just a little more than 6 minutes. There is a feeling of want for longer compositions including Diana's piano solos, although No Moon At All brings a lot of pleasure. It might also be interesting to hear concert versions, considering famous Live In Paris from 2002.

Turn Up The Quiet is soft, mellow and low-keyed, but also warm, buoyant and intimate, the last referring also to Krall's vocal recordings which couldn't be closer and more precise. And what got me after a few days with the CD here in radio sopocki was the back cover picture. It is definitely shaken, not stirred.

We are happy to present The Record of the Week with such songs as Blue Skies, No Moon At All, Like Someone In Love, Sway or I'll See You in My Dreams.

vvv, 2017-05-31