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Chat Box

  • sopocki 21-09-201643
    Ve plei The Mars Volta in extenso.
  • sopocki 10-09-201642
    Joao Gilberto - Besame Mucho
  • sopocki 06-09-201641
    Miles Davis - I loves You, Porgy
  • Mihoo 20-08-201640
    Thnx 4 FFD, bedziemy sie po 01 dzi?aczy? ze strimem Wu
  • sopocki 19-08-201639
    Fat Freddy's Drop - Big BW
  • sopocki 11-07-201638
    Tedeschi Trucks Band - Bound For Glory
  • elon 28-06-201637
    it is a matter of a battery
  • wicked 27-06-201636
    England plays football, N. Ireland plays football, Scotland plays football and Wales plays football. Britain doesn't play football.
  • zelig 13-04-201635
    you bet
  • zelig 26-11-201534
    some mix you have here
  • sopocki 21-10-201533
    tu nie ma plskich znkw max:)
  • wojtek 19-10-201532
    dzi?ki Max :) wr?cimy!
  • MAX 17-10-201531
    co tak krotko to dopiero poczatek
  • MAX 17-10-201530
    jest ok
  • MAX 17-10-201529
    Mam was chlopaki
  • MAX 17-10-201528
    przed chwila ogladalem Brzoska show
  • max 02-10-201527
    mamy piwko
  • max 02-10-201526
    mamy piwko
  • radio not human 20-08-201525
    Loskot - Razem na basenie
  • teraz gramy 20-08-201524
    Slawek Jaskulke - Sea IV
  • sopocki 01-08-201523
    And now it's here.
  • sopocki 08-07-201522
    Weve got a new player. Find it on Follow the pl link up there.
  • b 11-04-201521
    chill evening
  • sopocki 30-03-201520
    Thanks for all your motivating comments. Well it seems we need to work on some stickers :)
  • bartox 29-03-201519
    good music. nice sunday.
  • gian carlo panzeri 27-03-201518
    Respectable my name is Gian Carlo, I am an Italian man aged 61 and I am a worldwide radio & TV stations stickers collector. I have found your address on your web site and I thought to write you hoping that you too are so kind to send me your stickers (or self-adhesive labels) by letter (if it’s possible) to the following address: GIAN CARLO PANZERI VIA ACHILLE GRANDI, 2 20872 CORNATE D’ADDA – MB – ITALY Yours sincerely Gian Carlo Panzeri
  • sopocki 09-03-201517
    Added to vtuner, awaiting update. Pzdr.
  • MT 23-02-201516
    czy mozna was sluchac na vTuner ?
  • MT 23-02-201515
    czy mozna was sluchac na vTuner ?
  • MT 23-02-201514
    czy mozna was sluchac na vTuner ?
  • MT 23-02-201513
    czy mozna was sluchac na vTuner ?
  • Human 28-01-201512
    To connect please choose one of the "play" buttons in the middle of our page. If necessary click OK.
  • sopocki 09-12-201411
    We need more internet. Our servers go down. Please do not listen too much :) Or send us some more internet plz
  • sopocki 21-11-201410
    Steven Price - Gravity . Please report who's the voice. Send in to
  • ant 20-11-20149
    great tunes today! as always anyway :)
  • sopocki 18-11-20148
    Amy Winehouse - Love Is A Losing Game (live)
  • wojtek 18-11-20147
    We need more energy. Strom.
  • sopocki radionadajnik 31-10-20146
    Serafina Steer
  • sopocki 27-10-20145
    soldering iron is the item we use on radio sopocki
  • Yura 22-10-20144
    Hey, wonderfull radio! I really like that you put different ganeres
  • muchaman 17-10-20143
  • sopocki 13-10-20142
    We're sorry for recent technical problems - sopocki server updated!. We are moving on!
  • sopocki 13-10-20141
    Express yourself! Request a song! Say it!
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