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This are the best news those days! I really missed it to listen to the best mix all over!



Dear Listeners,

Are you using Chrome or Edge and now are not able to listen to our onsite player?

We’ve recently added security certificate to make our site safer (see the padlock icon next to address). We also don’t want to see Google security warnings.

Since streaming links we use are not secured (encrypting audio is not necessary) Chrome and Edge automatically block streaming.

This can easily be changed for one domain only and your browser stays safe. Please take a look at this image to find out how to set it up in just few seconds.

If you find it annoying please send us emails regarding this issue. We’ll be looking for a more satisfying solution.

Sorry for inconvenience!

Don’t be shy, support us just like this!


De Lorians


Beyond Beyond is Beyond, 2019

De Lorians

Beyond Beyond is Beyond, 2020