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The two slowly plunge into the darkness, still, the density of the darkness grows stronger. Only a white chair is visible, inviting you to sit down, perhaps to watch as darkness absorbs the city. This description depicts the cover of the Peel album by Joseph Kamaru / KMRU, a Kenyan creator of minimalist ambient.

The effect of pulsation and density of sound textures is extraordinary in this album. It becomes perfect as the listener feels this pulsation almost physically. This pulse has nothing to do with trance rhythm. It is rather a holistic form superimposed on other layers of sound, as it makes it all move.

The music spreads various loudness scales in front of us, sometimes subtle, once subtle whisper on the border, and a moment later vibrating, with an almost orchestral spread („Peel”). Nostalgia dominates here, but the changes that we notice between the songs seem to be seen from a distance, just like we notice our own life’s ups and downs.

/words by Zub (listen to his Ambientologics series on mixcloud and radio sopocki/

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