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The Orb

Abolition of the Royal Familia

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Alex Patterson and his legendary electronica – ambient project The Orb are back with a new album. The 17th album by this group is entitled „Abolition of The Royal Familia”. It was created in cooperation with Michael Rendall, Patterson’s new studio partner with the participation of such distinguished guests as Steve Hillage, Youth, Roger Eno (Brian Eno’s brother), Miquette Giraudy (Gong, System 7), David Harrow (On-U Sound, James Hardaway), Andy Cain, etc.

The composition „Hawk Kings” was dedicated to the memory of physicist Stephen Hawking. the entire album, released on March 27 next 2020, is announced by the recording of „Pervitin (Empire Culling & The Hemlock Stone Version)”.

Listening to the album, we move into the world of dub and engaging ambient. Dystopian lyrics are also worth noticing as they make the experience unique.

/words by Zub (listen to his Ambientologics on mixcloud and radio sopocki)/

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